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“LES LULUS”: WILD BUNCH, ELLE DRIVER, SUPERPROD FILMS and LES FILMS DU LÉZARD announce the cinematic adaptation of the successful comic book.

Adapted from the comic book series “The War of the Lulus”, the film will follow the odyssey of four inseparable orphans (LUcas, LUigi, LUcien and LUdwig), aged 10 to 15, at the dawn of the First World War.

When the orphanage is evacuated in the face of the advancing German troops, the Lulus decide to reach at all costs Switzerland, which is neutral. Soon joined by a female Lulu (LUce), our intrepid heroes, with all the naivety and innocence of their age, embark on a great trip full of adventures but also of humour and tenderness.

Through their encounters, they will create their own familiy, strengthen the bonds that unite them and above all… become true brothers and sisters!

The comic strip, written by Régis Hautière, drawn by Hardoc and published by Editions Casterman, has now 6 volumes in the main series and 2 spin-offs.

Translated into several languages, it has already sold more than 300,000 copies.

It has also been selected by the French Ministry of Education as a teaching aid for 5th and 9th grade classes.

The 7th and new volume, “Luigi”, was just released, on January,27 2021.

The film, intended for family audiences, is a co-production between SUPERPROD FILMS (Les blagues de Toto), WILD BUNCH – ELLE DRIVER and LES FILMS DU LEZARD, who initiated the project.

WILD BUNCH will distribute the film in France and ELLE DRIVER will handle international sales.

The film, currently in casting, will be directed by Yann Samuell (War of the buttons, Love me if you dare), who also signs the adaptation.

He explains: « LES LULUS is an innovative and demanding family work. It mixes reality with naivety, humour with feelings, intimacy with a great show, nostalgia with universality. It deals with strong feelings and the little stories that tells the big History. An adventure that juggles with the very essence of our time: to make the audience vibrate. »